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Strategic Partnerships

Partners make the world go round..
IF they’re the right partners!

Connecting People

Today the world craves connections, and we’re here to help make yours the most effective.

Market Share Acquisition

We can help you identify funders and in-kind supporters for your special projects.

Sponsor Recruitment

Looking for sponsors for a special project? We can open doors to a broad network of corporate partners.

Innovate or Stagnate

How Can We Help?


Strategic Analysis

Sometimes, your best option is to see your business through fresh, objective eyes, and we can help you.

Bringing in our team to learn about your goals, evaluate your strengths and identify your needs gives you the best opportunity to first identify, then implement the changes you need easily and quickly.


Sales Development

Great sales teams provide the petrol that makes your company run, but finding and keeping the best talent is challenging.

We know sales from decades of experience working both in global sales and as local team trainers, and we can help you build a sales force that will carry your firm to the top.


Business Development

Developing relationships with strategic partners and heavyweight buyers can be the difference between struggling and thriving to a business.

Creative and innovative identification of, along with efective communication with potential partners is one of our strongest specialties.


Special Projects

Today more than ever, business events can be a bridge to new customers, as well as a public relations gold mine and a morale-boosting benefit to your staff.

New ideas for innovative interactions attracts the best talent and brands your business as a leader in its market.


Systems Development

Whether your business is decades old or a brand new start up, your ability to provide a product or service is dependent on the internal systems you put in place to fullfill your obligations to your client.

Fresh eyes and empathetic resource evaluation lets you put your best foot forward.


Event Creation

Hosting a business or trade event is more than booking a venue and inviting your contacts, and can be a great morale booster as well as a PR boon.

From designing the experience to negotiating contracts, creating a marketing campaign, and curating the content, we’re your go-to team.


Under development now discover the best, most popular, quirkiest, coolest, quizziest, most musical pubs in Ireland!


Under development now is the newest, most comprehensive platform for the Dublin music scene.


A fun, reality based episodic featuring a local artist as he recycles junkyard finds to solve challenges. Created for the launch of a regional network.


Three days of indie bookstores, indie chefs and great food, we created the concept, developed funding and produced the full event

SXSW 2015 2016 2017

Collaborating with the SXSW team to produce special events featuring globally recognized innovators during each annual event


For this terrific boutique coffee roaster with clients worldwide, we created a video story and timelapse of their history and mission


The first annual event bringing together ‘traditional space’ and ‘new space’ leaders, we produced the conference


Producing this three day event celebrating indie music, we handled media, marketing, funding and event production


We collaborated with the global leaders in Android-based robotics to bring Sophia to the US during an event at SXSW for the first time

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