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Check out our GDPR Basics Course for your Clients

Businesses throughout the world are now required to comply with the complex consumer data protection regulations known as the GDPR, but wading through the rules is a daunting task. Provide your clients with easy to understand online training to help them meet their responsibilities and help you meet yours!

Our GDPR program includes 5 – 10 Video lessons (dependent on your corporate needs), corresponding quizzes, reference materials and printable reference sheets. Also included are refresher quizzes, individualized tracking to document employees’ progress through the program and continued compliance training participation through time.

Train Your Own Employees

Every company needs to address its own internal training around GDPR compliance these days, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Make training your employees easy and engaging, using online training sessions with engaging video and easy to understand language, all focused on making the complexities of GDPR clear and understandable for everyone.


What If We Have Hundreds of Employees?

For businesses with more employees, or with special needs (like shipping overseas or having a market around the world), you can also avail of our advanced GDPR training program, offering modules on HR, international trade, dealing with children’s information and the educational market as well as much more.


Are There Penalties For Non Compliance?

Penalties for non-compliance are high, and we all have to comply, so get started today and get your company in gear. It’s even important to show that you keep your employees compliant all the time, so our included refresher courses can be a great boon to both complying and documenting your compliance over time.

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Watch the GDPR Basics Course Intro

Interested in providing the course for your clients or your own employees? Contact us here for a demo and more information – we’re happy to help!

DEMO:  Introduction to GDPR Compliance